History of the Seren's Quizzes

These quizzes are held to raise funds for Julia's House and in memory of Seren who sadly passed away in 2013 aged 7 years.

Seren loved going to Julia's House who took great care of her.

Seren's sisters were also provided with continuing support with various events from the sibling's programmes such as visits to local attractions and other events

Quizzes were initially held Bournemouth Flying Club cafe, managed by Lin Charlton and were held there until October 2015 when a drainage problem at the Cafe caused it's closure.

However, the regular teams asked us to continue with the popular quizzes and we are now located at Bournemouth Electric Club, Broadway Lane.

The quizzes are held for fun but a raffle during each evening raises funds for Julia's House.

We get an average of fifteen teams each week and have raised over £18,000 since January 2016 (We have lost count of the amounts before that)

There are limited spaces so please contact us by email if you would like to book a place for your team